About us

Future made in Europe

What is Volt?

Volt is a pan-European progressive political movement, focused on changing the way politics is done and shaping the future of Europe! A movement committed to strengthening the Europe we all share.

We are a people-powered movement, who under the visible threat of populism and nationalism, corruption and the fruitless ‘old way’ of doing politics, have decided it is time to take action! Time to shape our future and not allow the past to define our societies!

Working together we can shape Europe into a united Europe, under the highest standards of environmental, human, and social development. A Europe where its citizens and residents, are able to develop their true potential and have the necessary tools to shape their societies. Through a grassroots approach to politics, and community organising initiatives, we are connecting and enabling communities, at a local and national level, to innovate and shape politics from their homes to the European level!

Volt Slovenia

In the Slovenian Volt team, we are individuals who deeply believe in the values of the European Union and the Volt movement. We see Slovenia's future in a Europe based on democratic values, solidarity and transparency. In a Europe that recognizes its painful history and many mistakes by building together a bright future of cooperation. We actively strive for this and connect with people across the continent.